A psychotherapist by profession and gardener by spirit,
Alice G. Miller,

with her husband, has transformed a barren one acre lot into a woodland habitat that has become an environmental haven that is both beautiful and a spiritual place of growth.


Garden photos by Tara L. Brady

Alice G. Miller, LCSW-C, PhD

Graduate of University of Maryland, School of Social Work, Dr Miller is currently a psychotherapist in private practice.

Experienced individual, adult, adolescent and family therapist, previously worked with the Metropolitan Psychiatric Group;

Director of Karma Academy for Girls, a residential treatment program for adolescent girls in the Karma House, Inc. program;

Director of The Listening Post, a Youth Services Bureau project sponsored by the YMCA and funded by a LEAA grant from the Justice Department.

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Dr Miller is the author of the weekly blog at voiceoftheturtledove.com.

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